Hologram Design

Simple and convenient service for home improvement with a catalog of real goods


This service is for you if

You are planning or doing repairs

and want to understand how it will look as a result

You want to make your home cozy,

but you don't understand how

Looking for where to buy furniture,

lighting and home accessories, but don't want to waste time shopping

With Hologram Design you can

Choose everything

from finishing materials to home accessories and see how they fit together

Take advantage of the Shuffle function,

which, having studied your preferences, will help you arrange a room in one click. You can shuffle the whole design as well as its individual elements until you are completely satisfied with the result

Look through our catalog of ready-made solutions,

perhaps it is there that you will find the design that is waiting for your room. All products in our service are real and you can easily order their delivery

Represented in Hologram Design

All this is absolutely free

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